Why eBooks over printed books?

With the advent of technology, the debate over eBooks and their paper printed versions are common. Every other person has an opinion on the topic. The truth is everything in this world has its pros and cons attached to it. You have to make your choice keeping the best possible options in mind.

Let us quickly compare eBooks with their printed counterparts.

Printed (hardcover or paperback) books eBooks
Did you know that some 8.4 million trees were cut down to make those printed versions of all the Harry Potter books? The best feeling you can get from selling an eBook is the satisfaction of saving trees.
Printed books come with a fixed text format and can’t be changed. eBooks offer a variety of reading options. Be it the font size, color or the alignment of the text.
They require physical space. eBooks are portable and a whole library can fit into an eBook reader.
They are usually expensive, owning to its origin from trees. eBooks are usually cheaper.
They can be bought from online platforms as well but one has to wait for a couple or more days to get the book in your hand. The sales and distribution of eBooks can be done from an online platform. One can buy it and straight away start reading it.
Most people have grown up reading printed books and they would still prefer it over eBooks eBook reading experience is rapidly improving with newer, more paperlike screens. Pretty soon convenience and utility will cause eBooks to come at par with printed books.

Printed books have a physical beauty attached. The satisfaction of having a printed version is unparalleled. There can be separate views but the truth is, the world is changing and you better adapt to the needs of your buyers.

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