Future of eBooks

The latest bestseller or a Charles Dickens classic. An official handbook or an annual fashion catalog. More and more people are reading and circulating books online. Though a major factor that makes printed books still dominate the markets is the reading experience, technology is blurring the lines between real and virtual. Soon eBooks will make their way into every aspect of reading right from summer reading groups to school classrooms. We understand that “Although the world is going digital, some people will always prefer the smell of a new book.” However, we simply want to say that the future of books is in eBooks.

Electronic books date back to 1949 when a Spanish school teacher developed the first of its kind eBook. Since then, many companies have come up with different kinds and versions of eBook readers. Recent years have seen skyrocketing growth in the use of eBooks. If stats are to be believed, the number of eBooks sold in 2011 is 970 million as compared to 114 million in 2010. That is almost a nine fold increment. Reports even claim that, eBooks sales in some parts of the world have overtaken the sales of hardcover and paperback books. According to the reports of the Association of American publishers, 54% of e-reader owners have confessed to the habit of reading more now than six months ago. Only 18% non e-readers confessed the same.

Recent Cisco reports show that there will be 25 billion internet users by the end of 2025. The future is digital media. You should prepare yourself to change with the evolving trends to be in the race.