The Basics of eBook Publishing


What is it

eBook is basically an electronic version of a previously printed and published book that can be downloaded by the internet users on their eReaders, smartphones, computers or laptops to enjoy a whole new experience of convenient reading in this digital age.

Needless to say the eBooks are on the rise. All the well known author and publishers have taken to ePublishing and have incorporated it as an inevitable part of their publishing business.

How is it

Almost all kinds of books can be ePublished. Be it story books, tutorials, management SOPs or any other PDF format that can be optimized for various distribution platforms.

Millions of internet users are browsing every hour to look for the reading material that suits their taste. And if have you started thinking of converting your printed books to an ebook then wait no further as you have taken this decision in the right time.

What are the Formats

The current available formats include PDF, EPUB, DOC, TXT, RTF, AZW, PRC, non-DRM MOBI, HTML, etc. However the most popular of these are PDF and EPUB.

Why ePublishing?

  • Digital books or eBooks never go out of print. We at Alpha can assure that our enterprising capabilities in tandem with a large e-book collection ensures an even wider circulation of any author’s written work.
  • Extensive accessibility reaching over millions of internet users. As more books are provided to users via internet connection, the hassle of storing the books and occupying colossal memory is avoided.
  • Through a professional company, all the conversion work is carefully done manually to make it 100% risk free and error free.
  • It is possible to add other supporting media along with the text, such as images, textboxes, sidebars, hyperlink footnotes, color text, etc.
  • You are the owner of your files. An organization converting your printed do not claim a penny out of the end sales of your books and you get 100% royalties for them.
  • The converted ebook is distributed via all major entities like Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Nobles, Sony readers and a lot more.
  • As a writer you should not worry about formatting and distributing hassles, rather hire a professional organization like us and focus all your energies on doing what you’re best at.
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