Though eBooks can be read on a wide range of devices such as computer (desktop or laptop), Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook or iPhone etc. there are some features that each device needs as technical support to make it an easy-to-read experience for readers. Alpha eBook offers the most advanced eBook technology in the market. We strive to make the reading experience of users an unforgettable one, something i.e. no less different than a print book. Our team always develops new formatting features that effectively meet the needs of clients as well as readers. These features include:

  • Add drop caps to create that extra style or zing to attract readers.
  • Format footnotes or end-notes, add hyperlink and super-scripted number for the benefit of readers – to help them jump back to pages they desire with ease.
  • Create borders in the eBook of different sizes, styles and colors, as well as include the perfect chapter headers and more.
  • Make a text box having a color or shading background. Boxes with background color can even have a border with a different color. All these factors help in creating information boxes, adding quotes or anything that needs a little extra attention from readers.
  • Support text, virtually in any color and shading that allows complex layouts for breaking up information in fiction/non-fiction or reference books.
  • Support both alignment and scaling of images. Whether the images are left or right aligned, the text can be easily wrapped around the images.
  • Regardless of whatever device is used, the images will be displayed as intended.

To further add a punch to an eBook, we can also include a wide variety of interactive elements, such as:

  • Pop-ups
  • Video and audio (including Read Aloud facility)
  • Animation and 3D
  • Slide shows
  • Touch-based interactivity
  • Intelligent Conversion Process

We at Alpha eBook work to ensure that the final eBook is well-designed, beautifully written and perfectly edited.

Kindly contact us for eBook conversion requirement or any other query. Email: Phone: +91 98253 07190