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Our Printed book to eBook conversion service has satisfied many clients, and we are confident about our output quality and affordable price at which we undertake jobs.

Following are the four steps used in undertaking the conversion.
Convert Paper book to eBook

eBook Conversion Service for Picture Books and Complex Layout Books

If you have a book with many images, or illustrations, or have a multi-column layout that you would like to retain, we can scan & clean images, and retain text to reproduce a near-replica of the original layout if required. We take a minimum of two working days, from the time of receiving the printed book and completing the scanning and OCR process.
We can look after all your scanning books to PDF services and book scanning services, so get in touch with us today!

How to Convert a Book to an eBook?

Converting a book to an eBook is a lengthy, time-consuming, and resource-oriented process. Here is a quick breakdown:
  1. First, you need to scan your physical book page by page manually.
  2. Then, use an OCR program to convert the scanned document to text. You need to pay for most of the OCR programs. Some free options are available, but we would not suggest going with them as they can’t provide the expected quality.
  3. Once you get the output file from the OCR program, open it in a word processor, as you will have to spell-check the whole book because of the errors and typos made by the program.
  4. Additionally, you must manually read and verify the book, as there are some typos that cannot be found with spell checks. For example, words like “clear” can be written as “dear.”
  5. In the book, you must add appropriate styles, such as heading tags, separators, etc.
  6. Once done, it’s time to dive into the process of converting this file to an eBook format.
Kindly note that if you are handling this process in-house, any missing step can make your masterpiece full of mistakes and a bad user experience for your readers.
Alternatively, you can contact skilled and experienced professionals at Alpha eBook to help you convert your books with 100% quality, flawless layout, and error-free content.
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