With the digital revolution and widespread internet use, most readers prefer reading eBooks over hard-copy books. Why? Because eBooks are easy to carry, store, and access anytime and anywhere. Moreover, eBooks are eco-friendly and cost-effective, and their multilingual and interactive features make them a favorite among readers. To meet the growing demand for eBooks, many publishers and authors are outsourcing eBook conversion services to convert their manuscripts into various digital formats, such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and others. Outsourcing eBook conversion service not only saves time and effort but also ensures high-quality and error-free eBooks that are compatible with different e-readers and platforms.

This sudden surge in eBook demand has encouraged authors, publishers, and marketers to convert manuscripts into different eBook formats like Kindle, Mobi, ePub, etc. so that they can reach a larger audience.

However, designing, formatting, and creating eBooks ready for publication is a complex process that requires skilled resources and advanced technology to maintain quality standards. That’s one of the many reasons you should consider hiring a reliable and experienced eBook conversion service provider to manage the entire eBook creation process.

The eBook conversion company offers many benefits to you. Let’s discuss a few vital ones below.

Benefits of Outsourcing eBook Conversion Service

Outsourcing eBook Conversion Service

Copyrights Protection

When you hire an eBook conversion company, they ensure that your content is adequately converted to the desired format without copyright infringement. 

A professional team working on your project ensures that all the information is secure and protected from piracy or plagiarism. This protects your work and gives you peace of mind.


Hiring an eBook conversion service helps businesses cut costs that otherwise would have been required to purchase software, hire more staff, and maintain technology. An additional benefit is that you gain access to a team of experienced professionals who have previously dealt with similar projects and can ensure quality results.

Output in Multiple Formats

eBook conversion companies can convert your document/manuscript into multiple digital formats, such as PDF, Mobi, Kindle, ePub, etc. This ensures that your book is accessible to readers on multiple platforms and devices. Moreover, the eBook will have interactive features, such as zoom-in or out, that give a great reading experience to users.

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Quality Assurance

The conventional publishing process involves meticulous proofreading, formatting, and checking for typos, grammar, punctuation, and other errors. So when converting your printed book into eBook format, it has to go through the same quality checks to ensure that the converted version reflects the same quality as the original document. 

An experienced eBook conversion service provider will guarantee impeccable and error-free results, as they are well-equipped with technology and personnel to do the job right.

Easy Sharing

Sharing traditional printed books is difficult and expensive. But with eBook conversion services, you can easily share your book with a larger audience as it can be shared electronically in different formats. Also, the interactive features of an eBook make it easier to promote and market it on social media platforms, reaching more people in less time.

On-time Delivery

By outsourcing your eBook conversion work, you engage with a professional team that can work on tight timelines, meet your deadlines, and delivers quality results. Even when there’s bulk work or some emergency, an experienced eBook conversion service provider can efficiently complete the task on time.

Read Aloud Feature

Converting to an eBook can make your book easily accessible for people with disabilities. For example, an eBook conversion service provider can create an audio version of the book with a read-aloud feature, making it easier for visually impaired users to access the content. Besides this, kids can also benefit from the text-to-speech feature, as it helps them build their vocabulary and pronunciation.

Optimize Interactive Features

An eBook conversion service can make your book more engaging by adding several interactive features, such as quizzes, polls, and games. This makes the reading experience more enjoyable for users and helps them stay engaged with the content. The conversion specialist will also help in embedding a bookmark which is beneficial for readers to resume from the same page.

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Outsourcing eBook Conversion Requirement To Our Experts

eBook Conversion Requirement To Our Experts

eBook conversion services are all about digitizing your manuscript and making it available in multiple formats with all the interactive features that give an enhanced reading experience to users.

So, when looking for an eBook conversion service provider, Alpha eBook is the first and best option. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who understand your requirements and deliver quality results, meeting tight deadlines and exceeding expectations.

Besides taking care of your conversion needs, we also provide other services such as eBook formatting, cover design, composing and typesetting, etc. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get your eBook converted!