Make the Most of Lockdown: Switch from Physical Books to eBooks for Better Sales

The past few weeks have been a gruelling phase for many authors and publishing houses. Now that most bookstores from all around the world have shut down and with Amazon and other e-commerce service providers prioritizing the delivery of essential goods above everything else, the sale of books has definitely dwindled.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the sales of physical books it has also given the rise in sales of eBooks. This has prompted many authors and publishers to concentrate on marketing their eBooks to reach even those occasional readers.

In this blog, we will see how the readers are reacting to the situation and why authors should take advantage of the current scenario and convert their books to eBooks fast.

What’s the General Behavior of the Readers?


The ongoing coronavirus threat has hit many authors with book sales hitting bottom. But it is also one of the days when people find time to sit down, relax and read a book.

For many people who are stuck inside their homes unable to go out, the outlet of a new world through the eyes of the next interesting read is one among the few things that keep their life exciting. Even for people who hardly ever get time to catch up on any reading are able to dedicate their time to reading books.

But the catch here is the lack of open bookstores and unavailability of book deliveries. So people are turning to eBooks which are also proving to be a cheaper option than the physical books.

The estimated number of people who will read eBooks is increasing in the past 3 years and is likely to reach around 1,223 million by 2024.

With the Lockdown on in many countries, people have taken up reading in their free time. This has resulted in many libraries allowing their members to borrow eBooks and audio books through online applications. Some of the popular libraries have even created a simple process to get a library card online from the comforts of the home.

For those who are in the habit of borrowing books, Kindle and Nook have the option of swapping eBooks online for 14 days. What’s best about this feature is that one doesn’t have to follow-up to get their book back.

How Are Authors and Publishing Companies Coping?


As more people have started reading eBooks, the sale of eBooks has increased in the past two months. Many publishing companies and authors have taken bold steps to offer their eBooks for free and some with great eBook deals.

Some authors have gotten together to make their eBooks available for free in a single forum. Some others have reduced their eBook prices to astonishingly low rates to take advantage of this situation.

Harper Collins has made their resources on children’s education available for free to help parents who are homeschooling their children in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown. Macmillan has lifted its previously-debatable decision of restricting the number of eBook sales. JK Rowling has also relaxed restrictions of recording and sharing videos reading from Harry Potter books.

In Spain, the sale of eBooks has increased by an average of 50% and even the read time has increased by 50%. It’s clear that authors and publishers from around the world are using the current situation of lockdown to market and grow their book sales.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Publish Your eBook

It’s the ripe time to take advantage of the current situation and get your eBook published. It’s no complicated process to create an eBook from your print book. You don’t have to take the burden of creating an eBook. Several companies offer eBook conversion services on your required formats.

1 Decide the platform on which you want to publish your eBook.

This will give you an idea of the format of the eBook. If you wish to publish only on Amazon Kindle, then you should go for Mobi format.

If you want to publish on other eBook readers like Barnes & Noble, Nook and Sony Readers, then you have to convert to ePub format. Choose the eBook format based on where you are planning to publish it.

2 Hire a good eBook conversion company.

Many agencies offer affordable eBook conversion services. All you have to do is go online, pick and compare a few and decide on one company.

➔ If you are yet to publish a physical book, no worries. You can send the manuscript in the electronic format like Doc, PDF or In Design file.

➔ If you have a physical book, you can courier it to them. They will scan and process the physical book and convert it to your choice of eBook format.

At Alpha eBook, we offer eBook conversion services for all types of books, including books with detailed pictures, educational books and books with complex formatting. We go through a detailed process of creating an ebook to any format of your choice.

All our eBooks are 100% error-free and ready to get published; no extra work needed! You can directly upload the eBooks we create to any platforms like Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, etc.

3 Read your newly-created eBook thoroughly to check the formatting errors.

Though the eBook conversion company will usually check the eBook for any mistakes, as an author or a publisher, it’s better to check the eBook once before publishing it.

At Alpha eBook, we are open to making any changes after delivering the final copy of the eBook.

4 Publish it on the eBook readers with the appropriate costs, tags and categories.

If you have already done it, then you know how vital the categories and tags are to increase the exposure of your eBook.

Research and include a few keywords which your target readers will be searching for in the book description and choose the most appropriate tags and book categories to reach the right audience. Choose a reasonable price for the eBook, something which doesn’t seem too high or low, and bode well with the other eBook prices of your category.


5 Let the world know about your new eBook launch.

People are thirsting for new books and this is the right time to market the launch of your eBooks.

Authors can share about it on their social media posts and newsletters while publishers can go through their usual way of online marketing to let everyone know about the release of the eBook.

The Best Time to Create eBooks Is Now!


If you have a physical book but haven’t created the eBook version yet or have a manuscript ready to get published, what more compelling reason are you looking for?

Instead of getting affected by the reduction in the sale of physical books because of the corona virus situation, you can make the best out of it by creating eBooks.

At Alpha eBook, we work with both authors and publishers for eBook conversions. We have extensive resources to take up outsourcing needs of publishers to create many numbers of eBooks. In the uneventful times of COVID-19, we can step in and help

Authors and publishing companies to create eBooks fast that can be directly published on different eBook marketplaces.

With numerous people idle at homes and on the lookout for a new eBook to pass their time, the time is ripe to concentrate on eBook sales. It takes a 3-5 days week or even less to create an eBook. Don’t lose this precious opportunity in the times when there is a heightened interest in reading books.

Quickly publish your eBooks, market it organically without spending a single penny and make up for the lost print book sales.

Author: Rukaiya Bharmal
Editor at Alpha eBook

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