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At Alpha eBook, we specialize in converting your content for Kindle, offering professionalism, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our service includes clickable table of contents, various fonts, seamless image integration, clickable links, careful handling of footnotes, and more.
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Converting and formatting content for Kindle can be a complex task, and relying on automated eBook conversion tools often results in subpar quality and formatting errors that hinder the reading experience. However, when it comes to your eBook, ensuring it’s properly formatted for Kindle devices is essential. That’s why many publishers and educational institutions are turning to professional conversion service providers that offer Amazon-approved eBook conversion services.
At Alpha eBook, we specialize in delivering professional, manually-coded solutions for all your Kindle conversion requirements. We avoid automated tools and platforms because we believe they can significantly compromise your eBook’s final quality. Instead, we meticulously hand-code each eBook, ensuring it’s perfectly tailored for any Kindle application.
We also make certain to preserve the originality of your content, including images, tables, fonts, charts, and diagrams. This meticulous approach guarantees that every Kindle eBook we format is flawless, and the Amazon Kindle platform seamlessly accepts our eBooks.

Why You Need Kindle Conversion Services?

Kindle conversion services involve the meticulous coding of your existing manuscript using HTML and CSS languages. This service is essential for manuscripts in various paper or electronic formats, to adapt them to the specific format required for Amazon Kindle devices.
Although Kindle devices can display PDF and Microsoft Word documents, they cannot provide a reflowing-text presentation. Therefore, converting these documents into a suitable Kindle format is necessary to deliver a smooth and enjoyable reading experience for Kindle users.
At Alpha eBook our experienced and trained experts work paragraph by paragraph to ensure your eBook is perfectly formatted for all devices including Kindle. Whether it’s a Word file or any other format, we have the expertise and qualifications to handle the formatting of any document, regardless of its original file type.
We even accept hard copies, including books, magazines, novels, encyclopedias, etc., which are first scanned using high-capacity scanners and then subjected to Optical Character Recognition before being converted into the Kindle format.

Here are some of the input formats we can handle:

Hard copies
Scanned copies
HTML files
Text files
PDF files
Microsoft Word Documents
Quark XPress Documents
You can trust us to provide hassle-free Kindle Conversion services that make your work look attractive and reader-friendly on Kindle devices.

Our Key Features of Kindle Conversion Services

As part of our Amazon Kindle eBook formatting services, we offer the following key features:


Table of Contents (TOC) Formatting: Whether you've authored a novel with multiple chapters or an informative non-fiction guide with sections, a well-structured table of contents is immensely helpful for your readers. Our TOC formatting creates clickable links to the beginning of each chapter, making it easy for your readers to navigate the book, pick up where they left off, or access crucial information.


Drop Caps: If you desire to add a touch of style and sophistication to your eBook, drop caps are an excellent option. However, formatting them in traditional files can be complex and may become distorted with automated conversions. Thankfully, our manual hand-coding ensures that you can seamlessly incorporate drop caps into your eBook, achieving a professional and polished look.


Font Embedding: Books often utilize various fonts to emphasize specific points or introduce chapters. During conversion, these fonts can be lost, resulting in a uniform appearance throughout the text. Our conversion techniques involve font embedding, ensuring that all the fonts used in your manuscript remain consistent and appear the same in the Kindle format.


Styling: EBooks can be published in two layout styles: reflow or fixed layout, which affect how content is displayed on eBook readers. Regardless of the style you choose, our conversion methods preserve all graphic elements in your eBook, such as images, tables, hyperlinks, and graphs, exactly as they appear in your manuscript.


Chapter Headings and Colors: If you wish to infuse more color into your eBook, our CSS team can manually add chapter headings and colors to your converted eBook. This small change can significantly enhance reader engagement, ensuring that your readers remain captivated from the first page to the last.

With our best Kindle Conversion services you eliminate the complexity of eBook creation. We provide your final eBook in a ready-to-upload format that meets Amazon’s specifications, sparing you from the need for additional adjustments.

All that's left for you to do is hit the PUBLISH button and start reaping the rewards!

Why Choose Alpha eBook for Your Kindle Conversions?

Alpha eBook boasts extensive experience in Kindle conversions, having successfully completed projects for publishers, universities, writers, and multinational corporations from around the world. When you choose us, you gain access to a wide range of incredible benefits, including:
If you’ve been in search of premium-quality Kindle eBook conversion services, look no further than our expert team here at Alpha eBook. Our commitment to delivering unrivaled quality, coupled with our expertise and experience, ensures satisfaction in every scenario.”

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