Indirect marketing using eBooks

To succeed in the global competitive environment, one needs to strive for nothing but the best. Even then, there is no denying the fact that even quality needs advertisements. We live in an age of competitiveness. That is why, marketing your products and services becomes such a key factor.

You have to find your target customers, reach out your message to them. SPAM mails have been long enough used as a tool of indirect marketing. Social networking sites, blog posts, eBooks etc. have offered an entire new way of indirect marketing. Before going into the details of using eBooks as a tool for indirect marketing, let’s get a brief idea about indirect marketing.


A marketing strategy involving the use of other channels or third party distributors to sell your products or services. It can be understood as a teaser to invite people to have a look at your products or services. It can be in forms such as a link or succinct information about your products or services. It has to have the power to stimulate people to have an urge to know more. In one line, it can be summarized as “Give until it hurts, then give some more.”

How can eBooks serve as a platform for indirect marketing?

eBooks serve a genuine and an obvious platform for indirect platform. Books are read by one and all, around the globe. People, belonging to different age groups and different professions read different books. Now, that’s where the real cheese lies. You need to just target the books to your customers and use it as a platform for indirect marketing. For example, the obvious choice for marketing video games will be children’s books or books read by teenagers.

Using eBooks for Indirect Marketing

Advertising is getting expensive as the ROI from CPC and display advertising is constantly falling. Self promotion is no longer seen as a credible way to highlight your business anymore, but sharing knowledge is. This is even more relevant to the B2B companies. New alternative marketing strategies are necessary for your company and you need to rely on the very best techniques available. eBook marketing is taking over as one of the most legitimate methods in indirect marketing.

More than 60% B2B companies have already included eBooks and Whitepapers in their regular marketing strategy. Surely it takes a little more time and effort to create an eBook as compared to an advertisement but gives much better returns than traditional tools. An ebook goes a long way in making pathways in your potential target market. Think of all the referral traffic your website will get just by offering an eBook download that really matters to the readers in your industry.

So if you can come up with good content for your company and want to share it with the industry, why shouldn’t you try creating eBooks that have an impact on your potential customers that results in increased leads. Now this is where we come in. With our experience in creating and distributing eBook, we can be your ideal partners for all your eBook related needs. To get the best industry quotes contact us now.