What is a Fixed Layout?

What is a Fixed Layout Format?

The standard eBook format features flowable text that fits the screen of any device. This means your book will look different on different devices as the text reflows and adapts to the user’s reading environment.

Fixed Layout Format, on the other hand, is one where the text, images, and other elements like margins, line spacing, etc, will stay static regardless of the device used.

Fixed layout eBook utilizes pixel-specific page size to match the Layout of a printed book precisely. Every element, such as text, images, and tables, are placed in exact positions and dimensions, thus ensuring consistency across devices and matching the experience to a printed book.

Why Opt For Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Service?

The Fixed Layout Conversion Service has many advantages over traditional eBook Formatting.

Cross-platform compatibility is the biggest advantage of Fixed Layout Conversion Service. Your books will render correctly on any device, including e-readers and mobile phones.

Features including text search, image zoom, thumbnail navigation, dictionary linking, and bookmarks are also supported.

Added design elements to enhance your eBook’s readability and user experience, such as audio, video, read-along, animations, and more.

Why Opt For Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Service?

Who Needs Fixed Layout Conversion Service?

Most eBooks will not require a fixed layout conversion; however, if you create content that relies heavily on illustrations and complex design elements such as tables and columns, then the Fixed Layout Conversion Service is the right choice.

Below is the list of content that fits perfectly into the Fixed Layout Conversion Service:

Children’s books


Comics and Graphic Novels

Travel Guides

Art, Photography, and Music Books

Magazines and other periodicals.

Any other book that heavily relies on graphics and design elements.

Any other book that heavily relies on graphics and design elements.

Why Choose Alpha eBook for Fixed Layout ePub
Conversion Services?

Transform your ordinary prints or eBooks into interactive and visually appealing multimedia experiences with Alpha eBook Fixed Layout Conversion Services. From enhanced readability and easier navigation to creative illustrations, we provide multi-dimensional Fixed Layout Conversion Services at an affordable cost.

We deliver Fixed layout conversion through eBook formats such as

Fixed-layout ePUB 3

ePUB 3 brings a much more stable foundation to the Fixed layout format. In addition to having native support for more features and functionality, ePUB 3 is widely adopted across different retail platforms, including Apple, Kobo, Sony, and Google.

Although the functionality of these ePub fixed layout options will vary widely based on the reading system in which they are displayed, some of the key features you are likely to see, especially in the Apple iBooks system, are full-page zoom, single-page view and embedded media. Please note that Fixed-layout ePUB 3 files are not currently supported on Amazon Kindle devices or B&N’s NOOK.


Fixed-layout KF8 for Amazon Kindle

Amazon offers fixed-layout support through its KF8 format, although this format does not have many features as its counterpart, ePUB 3. Fixed-layout KF8 files work on most Amazon Kindle devices, including the Kindle Fire tablet range, Kindle Paperwhite, and most Kindle apps.

As some kindle devices have small screens and cannot display the full content at a time, the KF8 format is most effective. It also provides a feature called region magnification for devices that do not support touch screen zooming; hence it allows one to double tap and zoom a particular area of content for an easy read.

Our comprehensive suite of Fixed layout services is aimed at publishers, authors, institutions, and other content creators looking to enhance their content’s appeal via rich illustration, stunning graphics, and better readability.

When you outsource Fixed format eBook Conversion to our experts, you get

  • Precise design and Layout closely match your original book.
  • Quality eBooks that can be distributed across channels.
  • Improved readability and navigation.
  • Faster turnaround times at unbeatable prices.
  • An experienced team of professionals with years of experience in the domain

Not sure if Fixed Layout eBook is the right choice for you?

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