Besides flowable eBook format, we also convert to Fixed Layout eBook, which is a popular format for eBooks today. And are used for books with complex designs, e.g. Children’s books, nonfiction like cookbooks and textbooks, travel guides, etc. The standard eBook format works very well for books having text and few graphics. However, when the focus lies more on the images and their appearance, fixed layout eBooks are an ideal choice. As it contains enhancements that make them more interesting and interactive.

We produce fixed-layout eBooks in the following formats.

  1. Fixed-layout ePUB 3 for Apple, Google, Kobo, and Sony.
  2. Fixed-layout KF8 for Amazon Kindle.

Fixed-layout ePUB 3

ePUB 3 brings a much more stable foundation to the Fixed layout format. In addition to having native support for more features and functionality, ePUB 3 is widely adopted across the different retail platforms, including Apple, Kobo, Sony, and Google. The functionality of these ePub fixed layout options will vary widely based on the reading system in which they are displayed, some of the key features you are likely to see, especially in the Apple iBooks system are full-page zoom, single-page view, and embedded media. Please note that Fixed-layout ePUB 3 files are not currently supported on Amazon Kindle devices or B&N’s NOOK.

Fixed-layout KF8 for Amazon Kindle

Amazon offers fixed-layout support through its KF8 format, although this format does not have many features as its counterpart ePUB 3. Fixed-layout KF8 files work on most Amazon Kindle devices, including the Kindle Fire tablet range, Kindle Paperwhite, and most Kindle apps. As some kindle devices have small screens and cannot display the whole content at a time, the KF8 format is most effective. It also provides a feature called region magnification for devices that do not support touch screen zooming, hence it allows one to double tab and zoom a particular area of content for an easy read.

Adding Audio and Video to Fixed-Layout eBooks

We can embed audio and video files within Fixed-layout ePUB 3 eBooks. As with fonts, one has to ensure they are licensed to be distributed. Audio and video files can be quite large, if you intend to include them in your eBook you need to make sure of the medium through which you intend to sell your eBook and the file size limits that are given by them.

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