eBook Market Trends

The market is stormed by eReaders: Where are you? If you have eBooks, there are readers online!

The ebook market is soaring and a lot of facts and critics have come up to testify that. A lot of expectations are associated with the future of ebook publishing in 2013 and the years to come. Let us take a look at how and why ebook publishing is going to make it big this year:

  • The ebook sales were estimated at 114 million in 2010 and 970 million in 2013. That’s a whopping 117% increase.
  • Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, recently predicted that 2013 will be the first year where eBooks will surpass paper books in terms of total unit volume.
  • Coker adds that by the end of 2013, eBooks will account for 45 percent of all U.S. trade book sales.
  • Going by Forester, eBook sales are expected to reach 9.7 BILLION mark by 2016.
  • Cisco’s report foresees a figure of 25 billion internet users by 2025.
  • The ebook market is fast expanding to China, Japan, Russia and India.
  • Yi Guang also predicted recently that India’s internet users are going to reach 800 million mark by 2015.
  • Last but not the least, the recent introduction of google playbooks in the android has given a whole new dimension to the ebook penetration in the market of Smartphone users.

While converting your print books to ebooks, you must keep a lot of considerations in mind:

  • It should be formatted well
  • It should look good
  • It must be dispersed to the best distributors

Ebook conversion modes

Do It Yourself:
There are a number of free user guides available online that help you convert your print books to ebooks, but you will have to manually format them once the basic conversion is done. Anyone having a basic knowledge of HTML needs to spend at least 7-8 hours on formatting.

Automated conversion program:
The existing programs eligible to produce eBooks provide a rather rudimentary sort of results. Since there are less possibilities of error detection in these softwares, there are more chances of missing text, improper font size and awkward looking paragraph breaks in your final product. To fix these errors and to maintain consistency in your ebook appearance, you will have to again devote hours in hand formatting.

Hire a publisher:
This could be the best option of all three modes of conversation. Since the formatting is done under professional consideration, there are least chances of any error. The formatting that is done according to the style of your book and not according to the program, makes it all the more personalized and better optimized for various eReaders.

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