eBook Formats

Writers and publishers have various formats to create and publish eBooks. While few are open, most of them are proprietary. However, some of these formats are widely popular and supported by devices currently available in the market. We have expertise and experience in the following most prominent eBook formats:


This format has created an industry-wide standard for eBooks, and its popularity has surpassed other formats. It’s based on various technologies like Open eBook and XHTML 1.1 but is unique in its own way. The ePUB format creates solid formatting for eBooks of any shape and size. The standard of ePUB is maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), and it has the most popular DRM option called Adobe Content Server. Devices like Windows and Mac computers with Adobe Digital Editions are extremely compatible with the ePUB format.


Amazon Kindle

In 2011, with the introduction of Kindle Fire, Amazon.com also introduced Kindle Format 8 (KF8), a new eBook format. Earlier Kindle devices support a proprietary format called AZW, which is based on Mobipocket. The Kindle format is now available on various other platforms, including iPad through the Kindle app. For Kindle conversion services, contact us today!



iBooks is a proprietary format owned by Apple Inc. based on the ePUB standard but incompatible with the ePUB open standards. The iBook format eBooks are mostly published through the Apple iBookstore. The .ibooks format is created with the free iBooks Author ebook layout software from Apple Inc.



The Mobipocket format has unique formatting abilities and is quite popular among users. It is largely based on XHTML and can include JavaScript. It has DRM features that prevent piracy. It also supports native SQL queries for embedded databases.
Microsoft LIT

Microsoft LIT

DRM-protected LIT files are only readable in the proprietary Microsoft Reader program because the .LIT format, similar to Microsoft’s CHM format, also includes Digital Rights Management features. This case makes it easy for other third-party readers, such as Lexcycle Stanza, to read unprotected LIT files.

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