Affordable eBook conversion services for Publishers and Authors

We provide high-quality and affordable eBook conversion services to publishers and authors around the globe. Specialized in flowable and fixed layouts, we deliver eBooks (ePub and Mobi) compatible with all major devices, including Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo, etc. We convert PDF, InDesign files, MS word, HTML, Quark, Rich text format, or other electronic formats into eBooks. We also create eBooks from Printed book sources, scanned images/photographs, and image PDFs.

All our eBooks are designed keeping in mind the pages, reflow, and readability on a wide range of devices with variations in screen size. We take utmost care in maintaining paragraphs, indenting, alignment, box data, floating table, images, linking and hyperlinking, references, footnotes, etc. Thereby, matching it closely with the original book.

We religiously focus on the quality check and handling complexity in designing the structure for conversion while working with various formats. Also, to ensure that book retailers accept the converted eBooks, all our eBooks are created by maintaining the high industry standards and tested to pass various validation tools.

To meet clients’ requirements and keep the cost at a minimum, we offer a free trial through which clients can review our work and build enough confidence in us for a long-lasting business relationship.

How do our clients get benefited from our free trial offer:

We offer a free trial to our clients, wherein we convert a few pages of the book to the required format and send it back to the client for a review. If the client is satisfied with the quality of our output, we then work towards completing the ebook.

eBook Conversion Process

  1. You can send us your manuscript edited and proofread in any format.
  2. After viewing your content, we will provide you with an estimate (details listed on our simple pricing page).
  3. After acceptance of estimate and execution of work order, all the titles are uploaded on the ftp.
  4. The titles then go into the workflow, where the conversion team first handles them. Then they are converted into editable XHTML formats using various tools. Finally, the first quality check is done after XHTML conversion.
  5. The formatted XHTML file is then converted into eBook format. The second step of the quality check is undertaken at this stage.
  6. eBook converted file is given a final check on an eBook reader device.
  7. After the eBook has been delivered, you have your chance to review the book and request any changes if required.


eBook conversion services