eBook Conversion Services vs Automated Tools: Which is Better?

eBook Conversion Services vs Automated Tools Which is Better


The popularity of eBooks is skyrocketing, thanks to technological advancements, advanced reading devices, the widespread use of smartphones, multilingual capabilities, and environmental benefits. Creating an eBook involves a technical process that requires expertise in design, formatting, and preparation for publishing. For authors and publishers seeking a digital, cost-effective format for their material, hiring an eBook conversion service is often the best solution.

There are two main ways to convert print material into an eBook

  • Online or Desktop Conversion Tools
  • eBook Conversion Services / eBook Formatting Services

While eBook conversion tools can handle simple text conversions efficiently, they struggle with complex elements like special characters, mathematical symbols, diagrams, and hyperlinks. Professional eBook conversion services, on the other hand, ensure better readability, proper alignment, interlinking, and responsiveness across all devices. 

Choosing between these options depends on your specific needs, including cost, quality, and the complexity of your book. This guide will help you weigh the pros and cons of each method to make the best decision for your eBook conversion.

What is an eBook Converter?

An eBook converter is a tool or software that transforms various document formats, such as Microsoft Word, PDF, and HTML, into popular eBook formats like ePUB and MOBI. These converters can be online web-based tools or installed desktop applications, offering features like metadata editing, formatting adjustments, and cover image customization. They efficiently and cost-effectively produce eBooks compatible with devices such as Kindles, tablets, and smartphones. 

While convenient and user-friendly, eBook converters may struggle with complex formatting and might require manual adjustments to ensure high-quality output, making professional services a better option for more intricate projects.

What are eBook Conversion Services? 

eBook conversion services are professional companies that convert books to eBook formats like ePUB and MOBI, ensuring compatibility with various devices. They handle complex formatting, including images, tables, and hyperlinks, to produce high-quality eBooks. These services also offer eBook cover design.

Retaining the original formatting from print versions is a key challenge, given the variety of eBook formats available. Publishers typically use Adobe InDesign or Quark for layout, while authors often use word processing programs like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. With a wide range of file formats received for conversion, these services play a crucial role in helping authors and publishers navigate the complexities of eBook production.

Shortcomings of Automated Conversions Tools

Automated eBook conversion tools can lead to a host of issues that detract from the quality and readability of your eBook. Here are some common shortcomings of these tools:

  • Inconsistent Formatting: Automated tools often produce eBooks with inconsistent formatting, leading to a disjointed reading experience.
  • Unappealing Headings: Headings generated by these tools can lack appeal and proper structure, reducing the overall readability.
  • Disorganized Visuals: Images, tables, and graphs may appear disorganized, affecting the visual flow and clarity of the content.
  • Device Compatibility Issues: Outputs from automated tools may not display correctly on all devices, necessitating manual adjustments for precise formatting.
  • Complex Formatting Challenges: Automated systems struggle with complex formatting, such as images, tables, and special characters, causing misaligned text or missing elements.
  • Lack of Customization: These tools offer limited customization options, resulting in a bland appearance that fails to capture the unique style of the content.
  • Overlooked Metadata and Hyperlinks: Essential elements like proper metadata or hyperlinks might be missed, diminishing the overall quality and user experience.
  • Manual Adjustments Needed: Due to the limitations and potential errors, significant manual adjustments are often necessary to maintain the quality of the eBook.

Highlights of Professional eBook Conversion Services

Highlights of Professional eBook Conversion Services

Professional Quality

eBook conversion services maintain industry standards for high-quality eBooks by ensuring proper formatting, layout, and readability. They conduct thorough proofreading to catch spelling, grammar, and syntax errors, ensuring the eBook matches the original book. Additionally, expert eBook design services elevate quality by enhancing audio and video content, creating an interactive, engaging, and memorable reading experience for the audience.

Quality checks throughout the conversion process guarantee better readability, proper alignment, and seamless interlinking, prioritizing the overall quality of the eBook.

Easy on Pocket

Low cost is one of the major advantages of eBook conversion companies. By outsourcing to an eBook conversion company, you save on expenses for software, hiring, and other related issues. Hiring an eBook conversion service can save money and reduce the risks associated with in-house eBook publishing.

While there might be a cost involved with eBook conversion services, the benefits in terms of quality and time saved usually outweigh the expense, particularly for complex projects.

Complex Formatting Handling

Converting eBooks can be tricky, especially when authors want to include multimedia content. eBook conversion services have the technical skills to manage complex elements like images, tables, footnotes, and hyperlinks, ensuring they display correctly in the digital format.

Expertise in Multiple Formatting

eBook conversion companies offer flexible and cost-effective solutions for converting eBooks into various digital formats. They cater to devices like iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kobo, and Android tablets, ensuring compatibility across platforms. Common conversion types include Mobi for Kindle devices and iBook Author format (.iba) for Apple users. 

The eBook conversion companies provide a range of conversion options, eliminating concerns about format compatibility. They convert various formats like PDF, Word, and images into eBooks, allowing easy sharing and portability. With eBook conversion services, your eBook is tailored to multiple formats, ensuring accessibility on eReaders, tablets, and smartphones. They also offer customization options such as cover design and metadata to meet your preferences.


A key benefit of eBook conversion services for publishers is optimized content. This means using relevant keywords to attract the right audience and increase visibility. Optimized content helps boost sales as satisfied readers are likely to recommend eBooks to others, enhancing the author’s reputation.


By outsourcing the conversion process, authors and publishers can save time and focus on other aspects of writing and publishing.

eBook Conversion Services vs Automated Tools – Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing between eBook conversion tools and outsource ebook conversion services depends on several factors:

  • Complexity of the Book: For books with complex formatting, professional services are better equipped to handle the nuances.
  • Quality: If you want your eBook to have a polished, professional look, manual services are the best choice.
  • Time: If you need a quick turnaround for a simple text, conversion tools are faster.

Evaluate Your Needs, and Opt for the Best Option

Evaluate Your Needs, and Opt for the Best Option


So, what’s right for you? While automated eBook conversion tools offer convenience, they often fall short in delivering the quality and precision needed for a captivating reading experience. Self-published authors must prioritize proper formatting and manual adjustments to ensure their eBooks engage readers effectively. By investing time and effort into meticulous content layout and quality checks, authors can avoid the pitfalls of poorly designed eBooks and ensure their message shines through.

For a reliable and high-quality conversion, partner with Alpha eBook the best eBook conversion company. We offer expert conversion services that ensure your eBook is perfectly formatted, visually appealing, and compatible across all devices. Choose us to bring your eBook to life and deliver an exceptional reading experience.

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