Parameters of a good eBook Conversion Service Provider

eBooks are the future. These days, every author or eBook publisher is coming up with the electronic version of their books. More or less, the publishing pattern remains unchanged. There will still be editors to edit the content. Designers to design the cover page and text formatting. The only difference comes when the final product goes into production. From the author’s perspective, the choice of a good eBook publication house can be a little tricky. However, a little knowledge on the subject can be very useful.

Do they really care?

Does the eBook publisher really care and value your hard work? There has to be 24*7 communications between the two parties. The eBook publisher needs to listen to your concerns and has to come up with prompt solutions.

Is the eBook Publisher well equipped?

The eBook publisher has to have the best of technologies and experience to bring the best out of your work. Having skilled editors, designers are something you can’t compromise with.

Do they deliver what they say?

There is nothing more irritating than a broken promise. Your satisfaction with the final product matters the most. The eBook publisher can come up with many promises. The real judging factor will be how many of them are fulfilled.

A little extra never hurts

Is the eBook publisher ready to take that extra mile walk for you? Your experience with the publisher will be the critical factor whether or not you come back to the house. The experience can be anything ranging from abidance of agreement rules to a gentle pass on the smile.