Kindly read the below information to ensure your document file is in accordance with our formatting checklist as under. By doing so, we want to make sure that you include everything in your document which you submit to us. It is a kind of pre-formatting preparation which lets us lower down the costs and time to complete the eBook formatting work to the minimum possible extent.

  1. Ensure your document is clean without any track changes or comments.
  2. Include the entire content and all the pages for your eBook in a Word.doc file. It should contain all contents, dedication, acknowledgements, and author information but should not be limited to it.
  3. Submit your entire text in default black colour.
  4. There will not be any formatting of the table of contents. So, please keep it as straight text only. We will add the table of contents (TOC) while formatting.
  5. Don’t use ‘tabs’ or ‘space bar’ for adding indents or separating paragraphs. However, you can make use of the format function provided in a software program.
  6. Keep the font size of the main body text at 11pt or 12pt and keep all topics and page headings in default ‘Heading 1’ or ‘Heading 2’ style from the style pallet in MS Word. In case, you are using any generic text software program, then keep the font size of your headings to 16pt size.
  7. Please ensure that your document contains no headers, footers or page numbers as they are bound to change in print layout and eBook conversion.

Illustrations and graphics

  1. Do not keep any images in your file as they are treated separately in formatting process. However, you need to mark the position of your graphic image in your file in full caps text as ‘IMAGE HERE (NAME OF IMAGE). Please send us all your images as separate files. It would be better if you can send us a Dropbox link to your images.
  2. You need to provide the images and illustrations with print resolution of 300 dpi. Please note that any screenshots taken from your monitor will only be of 72 dpi and thus will not get printed.

Kindly contact us for eBook conversion requirement.
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