Book Composing and Typesetting Services

Every writer does tremendous hard-work and takes all the necessary care for composing a great and wonderful manuscript of his own. We duly understand this fact and thus respect the originality, uniqueness and creativity of every writer. After having done all the toil in preparing a great manuscript, no writer would want to let his efforts go in vain by poor formatting, typesetting and design of his book. If this happens, it will not enable the writer to attract more readers and result in decreased sales and his efforts going in vain.

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We, at Alpha eBook, are professionals and expert in the Book Composing, Typesetting and Formatting services. Due to our vast experience, we perfectly know about the basic, essential and important requirements to execute an ideal Book formatting Composing and Typesetting process. We work out the Book formatting process with all the due care and utmost attention to every part of the document and produce a perfect copy of a formatted Book which is sure to create an immersive reading experience and get your readers to stay glued to your story. We make all our very best efforts to handle each document specifically and design its formatting to produce a truly exceptional and excellent copy of a Book.

The front cover of a book plays a vital role in creating an enticing effect upon the potential buyers but the inner part of your book is also equally important to create a professional and striking feel and allure your prospects to not only purchase your book but also read it thoroughly. With our vast experience and commitment to provide with the very best Book Composing, Typesetting services, we offer finest quality output at affordable rates.

Formatting a Book and its composition is not that simple work as it seems. In fact, formatting a Book is an art and science in itself. There is a need to maintain a fine balance between print layout design and structural layout as that can only result in producing a publish-ready copy of the book suitable to be placed in the market. It is only this finely refined print of your book that will give a level of professionalism to your book and enable to build a sense of confidence in the minds of buyers.

Our skilled Book compositor and typesetters will take your document file and create a formatted print layout design which is suitable for the theme and genre of your Book.

We’ll provide you with these

A publish-ready PDF file

We will provide you with pre-press publish ready PDF file without any formatting errors which will be in completely print-ready format. You will simply need to upload the PDF to your printer.

Trade-publisher quality typesetting service

You will be able to draw the attention of readers and industry agents as your formatted eBook will have a look and feel similar to any book from the leading publishers.

Created to match your printer’s specifications

We will craft the formatting of your Book in such a way that the typesetting exactly matches with your printer’s specifications which will leave your worry about the typesetting format.

Multiple revisions

We will provide you with the PDF file for reviewing it and you will be able to suggest us for its multiple revisions and the necessary changes you want to be made in it.

After-service support

We won’t escape from after-service support after completing your project. We will provide you with all the necessary help and support in case of any future query or problem related to our service.

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Our formatting service (print layout design) will include the following

  1. Chapter heading design
  2. Font selection
  3. Text flow with correct indents
  4. Running headers and footers
  5. Copyright page layout
  6. Drop caps
  7. Tables and indexes
  8. Lists and bullets
  9. Layout of photos and images
  10. Front and back matter, including dedication and call to action pages.

We need these to start your work

  • It is necessary that your document is in tune with our Document Preparation Checklist. So, follow the steps given there in prior to sending us your document file. It will enable us to lower down the costs and time in formatting your Book and turn your project smoother to work on.
  • You need to send us your illustrations and graphic elements in the form of individual files.

Formatting services FAQs

In Book formatting service will you also do editing of my book?

No. It is after your Book has been edited, it will be formatted. In fact, formatting is like doing the interior designing of the layout of your book by making use of the final edited document.

How much time will the formatting of my Book take?

Approximately, a 60K word book will generally be formatted within 3-5 business days for receiving your document for review. Thereafter, it will take about a week’s time to finish the formatting work, according to the complexity of your Book.

Which type of files do you accept?

We accept Microsoft Word files including; .docx, .doc and .rtf.

How can I contact you in case of a question that is not answered here?

It would be our pleasure to answer your question. You can contact us from the information given in our Contact us page here.

How many changes will I be able to make in my formatted Book?

We provide up to 2 rounds of revision of the formatted Book including fixes. Any major changes or addition of content will be charged further.