The future of eBooks

A latest bestseller or a Charles Dickens classic. An official handbook or an annual fashion catalogue. More and more people are reading and circulating books online. Though a major factor that makes printed books still dominate the markets is the reading experience, but technology is blurring the lines between real and virtual. Soon eBooks will

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Service Provider

  Parameters of a good Service provider eBooks are the future. These days, every author or eBook publisher is coming up with the electronic version of their books. More or less, the publishing pattern remains unchanged. There will still be editors to edit the content. Designers to design the cover page and text formatting. The

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Indirect marketing using ebooks

  Indirect Marketing To succeed in the global competitive environment, one needs to strive for nothing but the best. Even then, there is no denying the fact that even quality needs advertisements. We live in an age of competitiveness. That is why, marketing your products and services becomes such a key factor. You have to

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General term explanation of ebook (Glossary of terms)

Cloud: It refers to a service on the internet, where files and eBooks can be stored. It has derived its essence from the concept of cloud computing. Discovery: It is a very important term in eBook publishing. In simple words, it is a parameter which marks the discoverability of an eBook. The more discoverable your

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