eBooks vs PDF: What’s better?

If you have your book in a PDF and still wondering why does it still needs to be converted. First of all do not worry as this is the most common query by most authors. Here’s an insight to clear some fog from that confusion. Firstly, you need to understand that if you have a

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The Basics of eBook Publishing

What is it eBook is basically an electronic version of a previously printed and published book that can be downloaded by the internet users on their eReaders, smatphones, computers or laptops to enjoy a whole new experience of convenient reading in this digital age. Needless to say the eBooks are on the rise. All the

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eBook Market Trends

The market is stormed by eReaders: Where are you? If you have eBooks, there are readers online! The ebook market is soaring and a lot of facts and critics have come up to testify that. A lot of expectations are associated with the future of ebook publishing in 2013 and the years to come. Let

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Why eBooks over printed books?

With the advent of technology, the debate over eBooks and their paper printed versions are common. Every other person has an opinion on the topic. The truth is everything in this world has its pros and cons attached to it. You have to make your choice keeping the best possible options in mind. Let us

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The future of eBooks

A latest bestseller or a Charles Dickens classic. An official handbook or an annual fashion catalogue. More and more people are reading and circulating books online. Though a major factor that makes printed books still dominate the markets is the reading experience, but technology is blurring the lines between real and virtual. Soon eBooks will

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