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We all know that in today’s world, there’s no more effective way to make your books, manuscripts, thesis, written documents, brochures, catalogs, or articles accessible to your audience than through eBooks. One of the primary motivations behind the growing popularity of eBooks is their interactive nature. Converting your book to an eBook provides you with many benefits, like broadening the reach, lowering the cost, improving sales, and increasing the readers’ experience.
Our eBook Conversion Company excels at converting your documents into eBooks perfectly suited for publishing on popular platforms like Amazon, iBooks, Google Books, etc., and sharing on the web. Additionally, at Alpha eBook, we extend our support to publishers and authors by aiding in creating and converting interactive and enhanced eBooks. These feature-rich eBooks incorporate text, images, audio and video files, footnotes, cross-references, internal and external links. With equal expertise, we can also craft fixed-layout eBooks, HTML eBooks, and ePub3 eBooks.

Furthermore, we offer book composing, typesetting and cover design services for your books and eBooks, providing a one-stop solution for all your eBook needs. 

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As electronic books gain popularity as a publishing method, their cost-efficiency and global reach make them a highly preferred choice. Whether you’re aiming to convert your print book for online access or starting a self-publishing journey, professional eBook conversion companies offering these services are essential.

That’s where Alpha eBook shines. With over two decades of experience, we are committed to helping authors realize their dreams of becoming professional writers and assisting publishers in enhancing their digital presence in a fast and affordable manner.

We offer the industry’s only guaranteed method to transform your files into eBooks, all at the most competitive pricing structures. Our commitment to excellence means upholding the highest quality standards and maintaining exceptionally short turnaround times.

Our specialization encompasses various eBook formats, including ePub Conversion, AZW3  Conversion (Formerly known as Mobi Conversion), and Kindle Conversion (Kindle ePub). Additionally, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, from converting Mobi to ePub and facilitating fixed-layout eBook conversion to performing DOC to PDF conversions, eBook formatting, and more.

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High Quality
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Quick Customer Support
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